How It Work?

Since ages in Ayurveda it is believed “Energy is life”. So long there is energy in our body we are alive once this energy is gone we are dead. We have heard since our childhood blessings are in the form of energy waves may it be sound or light .Now the quest of human research has come to a point where everybody wants to get cured naturally .Energy medicine is the branch which utilizes various forms of energies like sound, light etc to treat human ailments .

Since ages in Ayurveda it is believed “Energy is life”. So long there is energy in our body we are alive once this energy is gone we are dead. We have heard since our childhood blessings are in the form of energy waves may it be sound or light .Now the quest of human research has come to a point where everybody wants to get cured naturally .Energy medicine is the branch which utilizes various forms of energies like sound, light etc to treat human ailments .

Laser is such energy, laser machine is a device that emits light through a process of optical amplification based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation. The term "laser" originated as an acronym for "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation".

Lasers are now widely used worldwide in modern medicine as important parts of different types of equipment used for surgical and therapeutic uses. Laser beams of different power, wavelength and optical properties are used in surgery, cosmetology, therapeutics, diagnostics and number of medical diseases.
For therapeutic application the low power (level) lasers are used .laser hemotherapy lasers are applied superficially on the surface of body like skin and mucosa. In some cases laser light is delivered through specially designed laser light guide/needled inside body like stomach, intestine, blood etc. Worldwide research over past more than 30 yrs. has proved that laser beam can activate microcirculation, improve oxygen and nutrient supply to all tissue ,balances immune system ,influence hormonal endocrine system, nervous system and as a result speed up recovery. The effect of laser on blood, including blood cells and serum is now well proven by research, is one of the most important components of laser hemotherapy, that’s why laser hemothrapy is gaining popularity.

There are direct and indirect methods of laser irradiation of blood:

Direct methods are invasive and require immediate contact of laser with blood; this is done by putting a needle in your vein. It requires special skills and setup to administer it.
The indirect ones are noninvasive like that of Ma Rudra laser hemothrapy device, treats blood from outside of body over skin and mucosa membrane .No injection, No saline is required. Laser light can be delivered to blood indirectly by irradiating areas of skin having access to big blood vessels ,like wrist ,cubital (front of elbow)and popliteal (back of knee)fossa .the laser passes through different layers of skin and mucosa as well as other tissues like adipose tissue, connective tissues and other tissues depending on areas it passes.

Laser light is absorbed by different blood components, including erythrocytes (red blood cells) blood platelets, leukocytes (white blood cells) lymphocytes, and blood proteins and so on. The improvement in function of blood cells and blood components, after laser irradiation, results in higher anti infection immunity, improved blood micro circulation and other advantages for body functions.
Irradiation of blood began way back in 1923 when American researcher Dr. Emmet Knott began to experiment ways to irradiate blood to treat sepsis. The first successful treatment was done in 1928 with ultraviolet light. With the invention of antibiotics this was forgotten, in course of time with development of lasers and more advanced light emitting tools, the blood irradiation was re invented.
Laser blood irradiation was originally applied for treatment of cardiovascular pathologies .By 1989 there were many research papers published in Soviet Union showing successful application of laser blood irradiation in dentistry, endocrinology, urology, cardiac surgery, neurology, gastroenterology, oncology and so on. In the same year conference was organized on “influence of low power laser irradiation on blood” in Kiev, USSR. With the encouraging results of that conference further development and wider application of laser hemotherapy in clinical use was started.
There are several reports published now about successful application of laser hemotherapy in treatment of various diseases and disorders. They have shown that laser light can stimulate microcirculation; increase oxygen and micronutrient supply to tissues and thus activates reparation of damaged tissues or reduce damage caused by subsequent application of ionizing radiation, hypoxia, bacterial toxins or cytotoxic medications. Laser also plays important role in activation and balancing of immune system. That’s why laser hemotherapy is applied together with other therapy methods in treatment of inflammations, infections, autoimmune diseases, allergy and cancer. Laser hemotherapy can influence the level and activity of number of hormones, so it helps to improve treatment results of diabetes, hypothyroidism and other hormonal disorders.
The ability of laser hemotherapy to improve blood rheology and microcirculation is considered the main reason for laser’s anti ischemic and pain killer effect of laser hemotherapy .It results in faster and better recovery after myocardial infarction i.e., heart attack .Blood thinning effect of laser hemotherapy increases po2 in arterial blood thus improving oxygenation of tissues under ischemic conditions. It is also concluded that laser hemothrapy mimics action of nitrates on coronary arteries by possibly supporting higher production of nitric oxide by laser irradiated leucocytes and vascular endothelium. Also the known ability of laser hemotherapy to limit the production of thromboxane A2 by blood platelets. Helps to clear the blockages .Researcher Oron U demonstrated higher ATP levels in ischemic myocardium after direct laser irradiation and better regeneration with smaller sacrifice of myocardium with laser blood irradiation
The effect of laser hemotherapy on central nervous system is profound. Improvement in microcirculation can be detected in in all structures of nervous system after laser hemotherapy .This effect is observed to be strongest in hypothalamus. The capillaries of hypothalamus are remarkable for higher permeability for macromolecular proteins .That further amplifies the influence of laser irradiated blood to sub thalamic nuclei. Thus laser hemotherapy can increase the functional activity of hypothalamus and all limbic system, which then can cause activation of energetic, metabolism, immune and vegetative responses, and mobilization of adaptive responses of the body, that’s how the minor cognitive skills improve.
The immunological effect of laser hemotherapy can be explained by normalization of intercellular relationship of sub population of T-lymphocytes and increased amount of immune cells in blood. Laser hemothrapy increases the functional activity of B lymphocytes, strengthen the immune response, reduce degree of intoxication and as a result improves general condition of patient.
Activation of mechanism of cellular immunity is other important action of laser hemotherapy .It can activate the anti-bacterial activity of the serum of blood and compliment ,reduced levels of CRP ,C reactive proteins, amounts of middle molecules and toxicity of plasma levels of circulating immune complexes and increase concentration of IgA, IgM and IgG in blood serum. Laser hemotherapy can stimulate phagocytic activity of macrophages causing more bacteria to be captures and destroyed. Thus laser hemotherapy can be used as co treatment of infections.
With widening of fields of application of laser hemothrapy as evident from the published papers, the understanding of disease pathology is also undergoing revolution. The long term effects of low level laser therapy can involve mechanisms connected with stem cell activation. Now a days scientific community is studying biological process involved in stimulating autogenous stem cells in our body. The role of stem cells in naturally occurred recovery and regeneration process, following tissue hypoxia and injury, has been demonstrated in many researches. The 3 important steps in natural process are, mobilization of stem cells from bone marrow or other tissues, homing of these stem cells to the site of injury and finally differentiation of these stem cells into functional cells of the injured organ/tissue.
The possible therapeutic action of laser therapy and stem cell therapy are very similar to each other. Researcher Gasparyan proposed hypothesis that one of the mechanisms of laser therapy is connected with action of stem cell, acceleration of tissue repair due to better mobilization of stem cells and their migration to site of injury, as well as activation of stem cells in injured tissues.
Recent discovery that laser irradiation of different cell types can induce Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor VEGF secretion and increased VEGF production by smooth muscle cells ,fibroblasts and cardiac myocytes and stimulates human endothelial cell growth.. VEGF and some cytokines have ability to increase number of circulating hemopoetic stem cells and endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs), these EPCs are then recruited for areas of neovascularization. Thus laser helps for formation of new micro vessels (angiogenesis) (neovascularization).That is how the peripheral vascular disease gets cured with laser hemotherapy.
Thus laser hemotherapy can help to prevent as well as to control various diseases, in healthy and sick people!


How it Works

Laser Hemotherapy is irradiation of blood flowing in the blood vessels with laser light.

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We congratulate you for choosing to be healthy by natural way .Laser hemotherapy device Laser hemotherapy device emits laser rays of 650 nm wavelength. It has 7 laser ports on the back if the device .4 are in one row 2 in one row and one in mid portion .The eighth port is the nasal probe end .

For the first time before use get the device charged for 3 hours. Once fully charged it is ready to use.

How to operate the semiconductor laser hemotherapy device?



The device is designed to be used on left hand wrist. The device's back part having 4 laser beams in row, correspond with the Radial Artery.
How to find the Radial Artery?
sing the two fingers of right hand to touch the outside of the left hand's two wrist line, in line of the thumb. (See the picture)The back part of 4 laser holes correspond with the radial artery.
Connect the nasal probe accessory to the device in the smaller hole on right side of device. Put the cap over the probe light head .place the nasal probe in left side of nose 2-3 cms as per your comfort and clamp it. Please clean your nose if you have more excretes in your nose. Br> The device is ready for hemotherapy. Press the on/off button once ,the screen will glow ,again press the on/off button now the laser lights of red color start coming out from device . DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE LASER LIGHTS .The program is set for 30 minutes by default. After 30 minutes the device will turn off, automatically.
How do I choose treatment time?
Adjust the time key. It's divided into 4 lengths. every time you press the key time increases by 15 minutes like 15min, 30min, 45min, 60min. The 30 Min is setting by default for general patient. It's generally suggested to treat 2 to3 times a day. 30min for each treatment. The elder patient, can according to your own fitness scale or adaptedness gradually add per each treatment time to 45min or 60min. Every 10 days, stop for one or two days. Then, continue treatment.
How do I choose the power?
Press the On/Off key this will turn on the machine. The screen will illuminate .Then, press this on/off key just once, the light beams will be seen from the 7 holes on the back of device.
Adjust the power Key. It's divided into 4 levels. As you press the power key the bars in right upper corner of screen will glow .one bar corresponds to one level of power .for adults it is recommended to keep level four for treatment.
May I choose not to use the nasal cavity irradiation?
We strongly recommend that wrist irradiation should combine with the nasal cavity irradiation. By doing this, you can get the maximum treatment efficacy. Before use the nasal cavity probe, DO USE the small cap provided with the nasal probe to protect on the probe head. Please clean your nasal cavity bead with 0.9% normal saline (sold in drugstores), or gently wipe by tissue. Then, stick the nasal cavity probe into your nose for 2 3cm and clamp the nasal septum.
May I choose a longer treatment time to enhance the curative effect?
You are suggested to use the device according to the time and magnitude specified by us. Because medical experiments have found out that the more energy the mucosal tissue of human body absorbs from soft laser does not necessarily enhance curative effect, on the contrary over radiation will make the mucosal tissue less sensitive.
May I choose a longer time to enhance the curative effect?
You are suggested to use the instrument according to the time and magnitude specified by us. Because medical experiment have found out that the more energy the mucosal surface of human body absorbs from soft laser will not necessarily enhance the curative effect, as over radiation will make the mucosal tissue less sensitive.
What precautions should I take during the treatment period?
You do not need to change your other activities , you can take treatment in sitting position or lying down .we recommend to take in lying down position as your body is relaxed you can have a nice sleep also. Please do not look directly into the light beam, as it may harm your eyes .always put the nasal probe in the nasal cavity as prescribed earlier, and then switch on the device light.
In addition, please do not use ethanol to clean your nasal cavities and the phototherapy instrument head, since ethanol irritates mucosa and will damage the probe shell. lt is suggested to clean with 0.9% normal saline (sold in drugstores) or gently wipe with a wet paper towel.
During the treatment what are the other things I should pay attention to?
You do not need to change your daily routine, your diet, exercise, medications etc. It is recommended that you should develop a proper diet and exercise habit if you are suffering from diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
Laser hemotherapy device works every time to clean up your blood , remember it is a gradual process to come out of the disease process. What to expect and in how much time to expect is discussed below.
Do not clean the laser head probe with ethanol or spirit, since ethanol will irritate nasal mucosa and will damage probe head .It is recommended to clean with sterile water or wipe with wet tissue paper.
Do not use when the device is charging.
Keep away from Children
Will l feel anything during the treatment?
You will hardly feel any pain ,soreness or other discomfort; however, since light luminance coming out of the therapy head is fairly high, please do not bring out the phototherapy head and directly observe the light with your eyes .It is better to close your eyes during the treatment. In the beginning days, because of improved blood circulation state, very few patients will experience such normal phenomenon as dryness in throat, headache, etc. lf you have serious discomfort ,you may reduce the treatment time or power for each treatment, or reuse it after three days, the discomfort will disappear soon.
How to charge it?
A lithium battery is installed in this host, you will need to charge it when the host gives out continuous warning tone tick, tick, tick then please connect for charging, 2-3 hours for each charge. You can connect the u s b line to a computer u s b port also.
Adopts low-level laser irradiation which is safe, painless, non-invasive, no side effects and has good, rapid effects.
Humanized design make the instrument surface stick on the skin well and laser beam ranges following the direction of radial artery in order to achieve better curative effect.
It will achieve a better curative effect when irradiate on radial artery, Neiguan acupoint, Tongli acupoint, Lingdao acupoint and nasal cavity simultaneously.
It’s a household portable instrument.
Chargeable medical use of high capacity lithium battery and can be used continuously about 30 hours after every charging.
Extra laser head jacket provided making the treatment healthier and can be used for your whole family.

-Do not make direct view or observation via laser instrument to the laser beam.
-The children should only use the instrument under the direction of their parents.
-The power could be increased gradually as the body adapts it.
-Clean the nasal head and jacket by saline water. Do not use alcohol .
-No less than 3 hours a charging period at the first time.
-Please charge every 3 months at least when the instrument kept in non-use state.